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Security Convergence Solutions for

Airport and Airline Security

Access Management | Insider Threat | Situational Intelligence | Incident Management


To address security concerns, airports have employed greater security both at the periphery of airports and within airport terminals themselves. Security checkpoints, full body scanners and an increase in security personnel serve to provide for threats generating outside of the airport, but the often forgotten and consistent presence of insider threats still remains largely unaddressed. Expert Insiders (personnel that are fully aware of security systems and processes), 0-day Insiders (new personnel with little to no background information), Needle in the Haystack
and Slow Poison threats are impossible to detect without deep data analytics and a next-generation holistic approach to security.

For the Airport Badging Office, AlertEnterprise delivers next generation security convergence software to automate complex and error-prone manual processes. AlertEnterprise seamlessly integrates multiple physical access control systems (PACS), HR systems, authentication servers and verification systems to deliver identity and lifecycle management across an entire enterprise landscape. AlertEnterprise automates on-boarding/offboarding, badge creation and validation against various FBI and DHS databases and watchlists.


Additionally for the Airport Security Operations Center, AlertEnterprise software provides security against insider threat, sabotage and acts of terrorism through unique situational intelligence and predictive analytics capabilities. AlertEnterprise software additionally provides multi-regulatory compliance for TSA Security Directives, including 1542-04-08G and TSA 49 CFRs, and active policy enforcement for all regulations.




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