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Insider Threat


Using Security Convergence Solutions To Battle the Internal Blaze

Insider threat comes in many shapes and forms, but the perpetrator is often the same: an intelligent employee. In a malicious attack, this employee will mislead an employer into thinking the employee can be trusted, sometimes with control over an entire network. In a non-malicious attack, it is an employee who threatens the critical infrastructure of an organization often via human error or recklessness. Much of our focus as companies is to counter external threat. Unbeknownst to many, insider threat poses greater damage to our critical infrastructure, including to our physical, logical and security systems. Insiders have privileged access to critical company assets, knowledge of confidential information, and the inside scoop on a company’s vulnerabilities.


It is helpful to explore the ways in which insider threat manifests itself, what solutions companies are currently using to counter their threat, and the good news on how you can counter the prevalence of insider threat with a defining, automated solution.



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