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Security, Risk and Compliance Solutions for the Utilities Industry


Nowhere else is the perfect matching of demand and supply to critical. No other industry underscores the importance of critical infrastructure to our society. True prevention of threat, including insider threat and external threat related to fraud, theft, acts of sabotage and terrorism involves more than just managing IT or physical security; it also includes the ability to actively monitor and promptly respond to any real or perceived issues. Even though enterprises in today’s inter-connected world still organize themselves in functional silos, the major applications and systems running business processes for these enterprises are connected via networks to both the outside world and to insiders who can have malicious intent or simply make mistakes.


AlertEnterprise, based in Silicon Valley, delivers next generation GRC, Identity Intelligence and Enterprise Access Management software for the true prevention of fraud, theft and acts of sabotage. AlertEnterprise delivers a unifying business layer that leverages existing IT systems, physical access systems and applications, allowing organizations to manage security, risk and compliance across the enterprise, in addition to eliminating insider threat, and safeguarding critical infrastructure.



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